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Missing Our Time Together!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Leaving Grounds back in March was difficult for all of us, but it was increasingly hard as we realized we'd be spending months without seeing our sisters and missing out on some of our favorite moments with our graduating fourth years. While some ADPi's had Zoom parties on the night that our spring formal was supposed to be and we're continuing some chapter functions including a virtual spring philanthropy, video chapters, and sending love to our fourth years, we wanted to take a minute to look back and remember the great times we've had together this year. We may be apart, but we continue to live for each other and cannot wait to be reunited in the fall!

Last semester, we had UVA football games (finally a win over Tech!), Young Alumni Reunion, our iconic Mallard Ball date function, Parents Formal, lots of Halloween costumes, a relaxing fall philanthropy event, Lighting of the Lawn, a meme-theme date function, and overall too many memories to count!

When the spring semester finally rolled around, we got to welcome a LOT of PNMs into our home and introduce them to our incredible sisterhood. We even had this awesome video made by one of our own to show them exactly what it's like to be an ADPi.

Formal Recruitment was a little exhausting, talking to so many new people and getting up at the crack of dawn day after day. However, at the end of the week, we got to have an amazing day with our new Alphas.. BID DAY! Luckily we had an incredible photographer who was able to capture a lot of the moments we now miss so dearly.

We loved celebrating our new members so much and couldn't wait for all the fun things ahead! Unfortunately, with being away from Grounds, we couldn't get them initiated but we were able to equip them with a lot of support during this difficult time... BIGS!

We even snuck in a date function before Spring Break. Our old Date Draft date function got a makeover this year: Cowboys vs Aliens! Yeehaw!

Luckily, many ADPi's got to spend Spring Break together before our rapid removal from Grounds. Nevertheless, we all miss seeing these 184 smiling beauties every week. We are so excited to return to Charlottesville in the fall and pick up where we left off!

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