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Meet the 2020 Executive Committee!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Now that the hustle and bustle of Primary Recruitment has ended and our new Alphas have run home, we would like to introduce you to our new Zeta Xi blog (yay!) as well as the new Executive Committee who started their positions back in December.

Haley Palmer

President (Sista Prez)

Haley is the President of our chapter, meaning that she oversees the Executive Committee and leads the chapter to success!

"My favorite ADPi memory is visiting my Great-Grandbig over spring break when she lived in Spain (which is where I took this picture)! We had the BEST brunch in Madrid and it was so special to have my very own ADPi tour guide."

Fun Facts:

1. She loves the Chipotle flavor seasoning and puts it on everything except dessert

2. She obsessively reads the newspaper (She has subscriptions to the NY Times, Washington Post, and the Economist)

3. She had a One Direction twitter fan account in middle school where she tweeted about her love for Harry Styles (iconic)

Jessie Friedman

Vice President of Operations

Jessie is the Vice President of Operations, meaning that she helps the President with running the operations side of the sorority. This includes updating our bylaws (which are the rules for how we run our chapter), running elections, taking minutes at meetings, and communicating how our chapter is doing to nationals. 

"My favorite part of being in ADPi has been meeting so many new supportive and fun friends who make my life at UVA all around amazing. My favorite memory was going to beach week first year with some of my new friends in ADPi and getting so much closer (and eating an entire container of hummus a day)."

Fun Facts:

1. She is Jewish and went on birthright to Israel over winter break & she studied abroad in Valencia last summer (She loves traveling!)

2. She's really good at ping pong because she spent a whole summer playing it after her family got a ping pong table

3. She likes hiking and spending time outside even doing random things like having a picnic on the Lawn

*Pi Chi*

Vice President of Finance (Sista Cash Money)

She is the Vice President of Finance, meaning that she heads the Finance team and handles all of the money that passes through the sorority. She creates the budget for each officer, makes sure that everyone pays the correct amount, and writes checks for all the cool stuff that we do and buy.

"My favorite memory from ADPi was definitely meeting my big Rachel. We met during house tours and she was a huge reason I decided to go ADPi. She talked about her position as FVP with me that day. It's funny that now thats my job. She continues to help me everyday with the position and life quite honestly. "

Fun Facts:

1. She went to the same high school as Kate McKinnon!

2. She has two English bulldogs and they are the absolute loves of her life. One time, during a stressful finals week for reference, someone called them ugly and she cried in the library for 20 minutes

3. She is from Long Island and by definition is a bagel snob. "Bodo's has nothing on my culture."

*Pi Chi*

Vice President of Membership Experience

She is the Vice President of Membership Experience, meaning that she plans fun events that encourage member bonding, and it’s her responsibility to make sure all members are enjoying a positive and supportive experience as part of our chapter.

"Since joining ADPi a year ago I have gotten to know my sisters in the most random of ways. Whether it be consistently seeing them in the same library or traveling to Atlanta together to attend a conference, I have formed relationships with different members of the chapter in all different aspects of my life."

Fun Facts:

1. She was born in Los Angeles, California, but she spent 12 years in Florida, 3 years in New Hampshire, and now she's here in Virginia. Her answer to the question of “where are you from?” is a long one

2. Her sisters are fashion stylists in LA (think: dressing actresses for red carpet events, photoshoots, or press tours), and both of their weddings were covered by Vogue. That being said, her fun fact is that she's in two Vogue articles!

3. She has been a bridesmaid with a celebrity

Charlotte Novak

Vice President of Panhellenic Relations

Charlotte is the Vice President of Panhellenic Relations, meaning that she represents our chapter to the Inter-Sorority Council and organizes events with other sororities on Grounds. She does everything from vote on bylaw changes to help organize ISC campaigns!

"My favorite part about ADPi is the people. I get excited for chapter literally just to see the people I don’t get to during the week. I never imagined finding my best friends in a sorority but I did in ADPi."

Fun Facts:

1. She only own black and white shoes and doesn't know how that happened

2. Her sophomore year of high school, she never wore the same outfit twice

3. Her favorite food is grilled cheese

Taylor Fogarty

Vice President of Marketing

Taylor is the Vice President of Marketing, meaning that she oversees the PR and Recruitment efforts of our chapter. She also runs our blog and helps manage our Instagram and Facebook pages!

"My favorite part of ADPi is the genuine support I've felt from women I look up to and admire. They have cheered me up after hard exams, celebrated with me when I got an internship, and laughed with me while I spent hours watching TikToks."

Fun Facts:

1. She has an insane addiction to Dr Pepper that anyone in the chapter can attest to

2. She has the knees of an 80 year old women thanks to years of travel soccer

3. Her brother and sister both attended UVA and worked at the same restaurant she works at currently

Frances Hamilton

Vice President of Event Management

Frances is the Vice President of Event Management, meaning that she gets the pleasure of planning all of our social events, including date functions and formals.

"My favorite memory so far in ADPi is driving around in search of the perfect theme outfit for our date function with my big. We were blaring music and singing at the top of our lungs, serenading the cars next to us. I don't even remember what outfits we got but I will never forget laughing so hard. "

Fun Facts:

1. She has celiac disease so she's gluten free, and she has a blog/instagram account for trying new gluten free foods

2. She volunteers at the SPCA in Charlottesville which is her favorite thing she has gotten involved with in Charlottesville other than ADPi

3. She is a very cool person and people tell her that often. She honestly thinks she was meant to be famous (maybe TikTok famous?)

Brooke Brady

Vice President of Membership Development

Brooke is the Vice President of Membership Development, meaning that she works to enforce the values of Alpha Delta Pi in our chapter and empower our members to be the best versions of themselves. She helps our members grow as individuals through consistent attentiveness and empathetic


"By joining ADPi, I was able to find my person. After taking organic chemistry over the summer together, this sister and I could not be separated. Whether it’s running side-by-side at the gym to encourage one another, making our favorite homemade pretzels together, studying late nights in the library until we drop, or just going to our favorite local coffee shop to catch up, we are always happy to be with one another. She is such a part of my life that I could not imagine a world without her. I’m extremely grateful for ADPi bringing us together!"

Fun Facts:

1. She loves hiking with her whole heart and is grateful for all the wonderful places she has

been able to explore. Her travels have taken her through the glaciers of Alaska, the Incan

trails of the Andes, the beautiful deserts of Moab, and of course all of the vibrant

trailheads here in Virginia

2. She is fascinated by the complexities of the human brain and its intricate physiology,

hoping to one day be able to operate on individuals suffering from Traumatic Brain


3. In her research lab, she investigates the correlation between confidence in facial recognition and accuracy in an effort to understand a complex human emotion

Including our Executive Committee, we have 27 chapter officers, plus 7 alumnae advisors! We appreciate all the hard work these women do to make sure our chapter runs smoothly and effectively.

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