We live for each other! That means we want the best for each other whether that means staying healthy and active, crushing that interview or career fair, or learning the things that you love! The goal of this page is to offer a collection of resources and advice for our whole chapter. 

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Mental and Physical Health

Looking for ways to become/stay healthy mentally?

  • SilverCloud is offered through UVA and has a variety of programs designed to help you without having to leave you room

  • Read this article about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness - there are plenty of apps and resources to guide you

Looking for ways to stay physically healthy?

  • Eating well in college is difficult - try these tips

  • Try these exercises you can do without going to the gym

  • Find little ways to get motivated and moving

Professional Development

Looking for help with your resume?

Making a LinkedIn account?

Prepping for an interview?

Going to a career fair?

  • Look here before you go!

Fun Skills

Want to get creative?

  • Check out this site with articles on how to get your creative juice flowing

Want to have a fire Instagram?

  • Here are some tips to making your Instagram stand out

Are you tired of eating ramen every night?

  • Mix it up with some of these recipes 

Technical Skills

Want to learn to code without taking CS 1110?

  • Consider Python, R, or SQL to learn the basics

  • Check out other languages and skills like HTML here

Looking for professional skills to boost your resume?

A Job or Graduate Program?

Looking for an internship?

  • Network with Zeta Xi alumnae or look here

Looking for a job after graduation?

Want to keep learning?